Services for High School-Adult

Learning Profiles / Consulting
Your high schooler's learning profile is an important first
step in helping to determine career choices, college preparation,
and understanding his or her learning strengths and weaknesses.
Learning Matters addresses individual needs by exploring up to 57
cognitive, auditory, visual, and motor tasks. Learning Matters
will make personalized recommendations for training that will
allow your teenager to learn and process information efficiently
and prepare them for success in high school and beyond.
Offered: Ongoing.
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Learning Lab and
Cognitive Enhancement Program
Develop the underlying skills for learning through our cognitive enhancement program-Learning Labs.
Sessions are held weekly or bi-weekly and are individually tailored to enhance the potential of every
student. Participants learn to integrate information faster and easier, improve attention and focus,
utilize creativity and logic together, and improve memory through perceptual and cognitive exercises.
Offered: Ongoing.
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The training provides students with a step-by-step framework for boosting self-image, building
friendships, resisting peer pressure, achieving goals, improving communication and relationships
with parents, and much more. The habits build upon each other and foster behavioral change and
improvement from the inside out.
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Workshop Can Help Youth
  • Gain greater control of their lives
  • Improve relationships with family and friends
  • Increase self confidence and self-esteem
  • Make smarter decisions
  • Define their values and what matters most to them
  • Recognize and prioritize their goals
  • Find balance between school, work, friends, and everything else
Offered: Ongoing.
Interactive Metronome
The Interactive Metronome (IM) is a brain-based training program that directly improves the
processing abilities affecting attention, motor planning, and sequencing. Clinical research
and IM case studies demonstrate that when a child has gains in motor planning, rhythmicity,
timing and sequencing, it leads to gains in attention and concentration, language processing,
behavior, fine/gross motor skills, balance and gait, strength and endurance, and coordination.
IM is used to enhance musical abilities, athletics, academics, and physical rehabilitation.
Offered: Ongoing.
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The Listening Program
The Listening Program (TLP) is a Music-Based Auditory Stimulation™ method that enables
individuals with a broad range of abilities to achieve even more. Enhancing auditory perception
through TLP can lead to improvement in many areas: attention and concentration, listening, speech
and language, memory, communication, social skills, reading, sensory integration, self-regulation,
physical balance and coordination, and vocal performance / musical ability.
Offered: Ongoing.
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