Services for Kindergarteners

Writing/Reading Readiness (entering K-2nd)
Prepare your child for the demands of writing through this fun
and engaging class. Utilizing fun, "hands-on" techniques developed
by a leading occupational therapist, this class is designed to
develop good writing habits and enhance fine motor skills.
Children learn to write the alphabet from A-Z using "block" or
"snail tails" printing. Using a combination of the "First Strokes"
curriculum, multi-sensory techniques, Brain-Gym, and rhythm and
timing exercises, children will learn to write within the handwriting
lines, with size and form consistency, proper sequencing, and no
reversals. This class includes mini-lessons for parents on things
that you can do at home to reinforce the good habits.
This is writing as you have never seen it before and it works!
8 sessions (16 hours). Ratio 1:4
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Music & Movement Matters (ages 4-6)
Movement and music are essential for developing pathways in the brain that encourage learning.
Research shows that there are common threads in higher order thinking and musical experience,
and that movement is the gateway to all learning. This class further develops learning abilities
and perceptual skills for all children through specially designed music and movement activities
that are fun and engaging.  When movement tasks and rhythm become automatic, children have the
freedom of handling more than one task at a time, making learning and the rate of processing
easier and faster.
Offered: Ongoing.
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Learning Profiles / Consulting
Your child's learning profile is an important first step in understanding his or her learning
strengths and weaknesses. The learning profile explores up to 57 perceptual and cognitive tasks,
allowing Learning Matters and parents to look in depth at your child's needs. Learning Matters
will create an individual learning program for training that will allow your child to understand
and process information more efficiently; therefore, expanding their capacity for academic success,
personal fulfillment, social interaction, and self-esteem.
Offered: Ongoing.
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Learning Lab and Cognitive Enhancement Program (ages 6-adult)
Develop the underlying skills for learning through our cognitive enhancement program-Learning Labs.
Sessions are held weekly or bi-weekly and are individually tailored to enhance the potential of
every student. Participants learn to integrate information faster and easier, improve attention
and focus, utilize creativity and logic together, and improve memory through perceptual and cognitive
Offered: Ongoing.
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The Listening Program
The Listening Program (TLP) is a Music-Based Auditory Stimulation™ method that enables
individuals with a broad range of abilities to achieve even more. Enhancing auditory perception
through TLP can lead to improvement in many areas: attention and concentration, listening, speech
and language, memory, communication, social skills, reading, sensory integration, self-regulation,
physical balance and coordination, and vocal performance / musical ability.
Offered: Ongoing.
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Interactive Metronome
The Interactive Metronome (IM) is a brain-based training program that directly improves the
processing abilities affecting attention, motor planning, and sequencing. Clinical research
and IM case studies demonstrate that when a child has gains in motor planning, rhythmicity,
timing and sequencing, it leads to gains in attention and concentration, language processing,
behavior, fine/gross motor skills, balance and gait, strength and endurance, and coordination.
IM is used to enhance musical abilities, athletics, academics, and physical rehabilitation.
Offered: Ongoing.
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