Learning Lab

When the Learning Profile is completed, a brain-training program
is designed specifically for your child. One component of this
training program may be a weekly, or bi-weekly, Learning Lab.
Learning Matters’ Learning Labs build new pathways in the brain
using a variety of methods based on current brain research.
More efficient neural networks will enable information to travel
faster, and with greater precision. Unlike tutoring, your child is
enhancing the way they process information so that they can more
effectivly learn academic content such as reading and math.
The activities during labs are specifically designed to train the
cognitive, sensori-motor, and perceptual abilities identified in the
profile that will enable your child to learn faster and easier.
During each Learning Lab session, Learning Matters is engaging
your child in activities that improve rate of processing. One method for improving rate of processing
is by increasing the ability to keep rhythm and time through the use of movement and specialized
tools. Rhythm and timing are essential to reading, expressive language, gross and fine motor skills,
and regulating levels of attention.
Learning Matters encourages the use of many areas of the brain simultaneously, leading to
enhanced brain integration and executive function. This allows for better understanding,
complex problem solving, and creativity.
The Learning Lab program will be 6-12 months in length depending on the amount of training needed.
Labs are supervised by educated and trained learning specialists and can be scheduled individually
or in groups of 3-4 children. Labs are available for children ages 6 to 18. Children rotate through
different areas of the center, including a large movement room with specialized equipment, to
complete their lab plan for the day. Parents are encouraged to spend 15-30 minutes per day,
on non-lab days, working on homework that will reinforce and expedite their program.

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