Learning Profile

The first step to learning easier and faster is a learning profile.
At least 20% of all children face daily learning struggles
such as those listed below.
short attention span
difficulty staying focused
poor spelling
messy handwriting
difficulty following directions
confuses similar sounding words
poor short-term or long-term memory
tires easily
uncoordinated body movements
difficulty with puzzles
slow reaction time
receptive language delays
reading difficulties
easily over stimulated
sings out of tune
difficulty completing homework
struggles with motor planning
limited participation in conversations
trouble initiating or completing projects
slower mental processing speed
easily distracted
trouble finding the right words
difficulty with fine motor skills
gross motor delay
poor balance
difficulty with sequencing
poor self image / low self-confidence
low frustration tolerance
tense / anxious
limited understanding of personal space
believes that most people speak too quickly
struggles using scissors, folding paper
expressive language delays
If your child's cognitive or perceptual skills have not reached their potential,
then learning becomes difficult—and everyday school subjects like math and reading become
a challenge. At Learning Matters there are no learning disabilities, only learning blocks or abilities
that need further development.
Learning Matters identifies and provides proven methods for developing the underlying cognitive
and perceptual skills that are crucial for learning through a comprehensive LEARNING PROFILE.
The Learning Profile is based on up to 57 cognitive, auditory, visual, and motor tasks.
The profile provides information about underlying skills, such as; the ability for memory,
comprehension, visual, auditory, and motor skills, and is the basis for each child's individualized
program designed to eliminate learning difficulties.
The Learning Profile includes a complete evaluation of cognitive, sensory-motor, and
perceptual skills. Based on the information from the evaluation and the information provided
from parents and teachers, you learn what may be affecting your child's ability to
learn, or perform optimally. An educational consultant at Learning Matters will explain your
child's profile through a detailed consultation.  The Learning Profile includes a recommended
program for training based on your child's needs. 
The Learning Profile provides you with information on your child's learning style and can
be an effective tool in helping other professionals, such as your child's teacher; learn ways
to work with them more effectively.

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