Learning Matters is an authorized provider of The Listening
Program (TLP). TLP's clinically-proven approach gently trains
the auditory system to accurately process sound.
When auditory perception is distorted-whether through illness,
injury, developmental, or other challenges—auditory processing
problems can lead to academic, emotional, cognitive and social
challenges, including problems with the following:
Attention and concentration
  • Listening
  • Speech and language
  • Memory
  • Communication
  • Social skills
  • Reading
  • Sensory integration
  • Self regulation
  • Physical balance and coordination
  • Vocal performance and musical ability
Whether you are interested in improving brain health for longevity, expanding your own abilities
or helping someone you care about, TLP can make a significant difference. 
With the guidance of Learning Matters, The Listening Program is an easy-to-use, cost effective,
portable method that can bring about lasting change. 

Visit ListeningProgram.com for more information.