"My son had trouble staying focused during seatwork,
concentrating at circle/group times, completing assigned tasks
and he was extremely frustrated when asked to do any written
work. In just three weeks of weekly learning labs, his teacher,
my husband, and I have noticed phenomenal improvements.
He is able to complete tasks, stay focused while doing seatwork,
sit quietly during group activities, and his handwriting has improved.
His frustration with writing has significantly decreased.
I am excited to see his progress in the next three weeks."
-- M.E. (Son, age 5)
"Her writing ability, physical coordination, and awareness of
her environment has increased tenfold in the few weeks she has
been under your tutelage."
-- S.J. (Daughter, age 4)
"Thank you so much for the assessment yesterday. Just to
understand how our daughter's different style of learning has
affected her has been of huge benefit already. She is still
reading voraciously, and I can't buy her books quick enough,
so I have a lot to thank you for including her developing enthusiasm for learning!"
-- L.Y. (daughter, age 11)
"This problem with processing has been going on all my life without really knowing what
the problem was….this is all new growth. My brain got so excited, like having a big smile inside."
-- N.R. (Adult)
"This is truly a well-rounded preschool program that addresses all of (his) development.
Since coming to Learning Matters (he) takes pride in his accomplishments...and
is more interested in learning."
-- C.W. (son, Preschool)
"I have my little girl back."
-- A.Z. (daughter, 3rd grade)
"It's preparing our brains to learn, she understands everything better."
-- L.N. (daughter, age 13)
"I've been trying to get organized for ten years, I'm now more organized."
-- L.N. (adult, regarding The Listening Program)
"I was skeptical at first, but he has been doing really great.
We usually get no more than one lesson done, and yesterday he did all seven before 2:00!"
-- M.M. (son, age 9)
"I feel like I'm learning more than he is. "
-- K.B. (son, age 21/2, regarding purposeful play)
"I can't tell you how grateful I am for your program. You taught me to not be frustrated,
to realize there is hope and we can do something... Her teacher has noticed a difference
in her focus and her effort."
-- T.D. (daughter, age 8)
Thank you and your impressive staff at Learning Matters for helping me in taking one of the most
strenuous exams in the nation - the California State Bar Exam. Within a few weeks I was able to
improve my multiple choice skills, speed reading and most importantly reading comprehension skills.
As my practice scores steadily rose, my confidence soared. Your holistic approach addressed not
only my mind, but improved my sleep, quality of study and lowered my test anxiety. On the 3rd
day of the exam I was even able to take a minute to do an exercise to regain focus and gain control
of the testing situation. Regardless of age or profession, I can testify that the brain can learn
new ways of processing information and problem solving.
-- S.A. (Adult)